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Unlock the Power of Body Data

Bold Metrics' AI body data platform leverages digital twin technology to optimize your brand's fit and sizing - improving conversion and AOV while reducing returns. 

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AI-Driven Digital Twin Technology

Harness our advanced AI sizing platform to create a unique digital twin for each shopper, mapping over 50 individual body measurements to recommend their best size on a style-by-style basis. Go beyond simple size recommendations by unlocking the power of body data.

  • No scanning, photos, or measuring tapes
  • Exceptional user experience
  • Tailor-level accuracy


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Results, Driven By Body Data

Unleash Bold Metrics' AI-powered digital twin technology and body data platform to drive meaningful impact throughout your organization, empowering your teams to:

  • Increase conversion through fit confidence
  • Boost AOV with a personalized eCommerce experience
  • Minimize fit-related returns by enabling customer fit preference


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Exceed Your Shopper's Expectations

Close enough” isn’t good enough when it comes to fit and sizing. To win apparel eCommerce, you need to go beyond size charts and simple size recommendations to:

  • Prevent bracketing & returns
  • Convert fit-hesitant shoppers
  • Eliminate frustration and costs associated with fit-related returns


Why Bold Metrics

Give Your Customers the Fit They Want

Today's shopper craves personalization as part of their online experience. Put your customers first with virtual fitting and realize the benefits of visualizing fit preference:

  • Connect shoppers to their best size in seconds
  • Personalize their online experience
  • Data-driven intended fit by design


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Sizing That Goes Beyond

Not only does Bold Metrics provide tailor-level accuracy when it comes to size recommendations, but you’ll begin building your customer digital twin library to:

  • Optimize and influence your technical design teams
  • Analyze your size charts and grading processes
  • Leverage customer body data insights for strategic decision-making 


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Accuracy, Driven by Data
Trusted by Brands Worldwide


Digital Twins

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Body Data Points

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Launch Your Sizing Seamlessly

Bold Metrics makes it easy to get up and running with our quick integration and supportive onboarding.


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The Bold Metrics Platform

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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Our goal is to offer timeless, contemporary styles and great service for the moments that matter. In order to deliver on that promise - fit is king. Having a deeply integrated and world-class sizing technology solution is absolutely paramount for our success.

    Daniel Carpenter,
    Sr. Director of Digital Product Management, Tailored Brands
  • Fit is critical across the apparel universe, regardless of whether you're making casual or custom, tailored outfits.

    Drew Cook,
    CFO & Head of Operations, Pact
  • The thing that really stood out with Bold Metrics is not just their focus on fit, but also their fit preference... that was something that really stood them apart from all the other solutions that we evaluated.

    Matthew Ames
    Sr. Global eCommerce Strategist, Burton

Unlock the Power of Body Data

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