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Impacted by the closure of Snap ARES' Fit Finder (Fit Analytics) Technology? We can help ->  Learn More.

How It Works

Customers answer four to six simple survey questions and the Virtual Tailor API returns over fifty body measurements in under 500ms. No measuring tape, awkward selfies or unwieldy body scanners required.

Bold Metrics best-in-class AI and ML models power 3D body data capture at scale. Using advanced AI we accurately determine critical points of measure to create unique digital twins of actual shoppers. 

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Why use the Virtual Tailor?

Developed for custom clothiers and tailors, the Virtual Tailor API accurately determines over 50+ unique customer body measurements with just a simple survey.


    The Virtual Tailor has been proven to be the most accurate solution on the market, with a granular approach to body data that accounts for personal fit preference.

  • Easy to integrate

    Our API works with every platform from Hybris to Demandware, Magento to Shopify. Your developer will love how easy it is to get started.

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  • Scalable solutions

    From 100 to 1 billion predictions per month, like all our products, the Virtual Tailor was built for scale.

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  • White-label experience

    No branding requirements. Create a completely seamless integration with your site's look-and-feel.

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A Best-in-Class Solution

Independent studies have proven that Bold Metrics is the leader in Machine Learning-based AI Body Modeling. Compared with companies offering similar products, Bold Metrics has consistently produced the most accurate and comprehensive results with minimal customer friction.

No selfies, measuring tape or scanners required. Our proprietary solutions go beyond size recommendations. From boosting conversion to empowering data-led technical design—find out how Bold Metrics helps brands translate customer body data into valuable, actionable insights.

Bold Metrics Values

Virtual Tailor

An easily-integrated software tool that utilizes machine learning technologies to provide highly accurate body measurements for custom clothiers.

- Create unique digital twins of every shopper

- Best-in-class API documentation

- 50+ individual body measurements

- Frictionless customer experience

- Easily integrated and scalable

- No need for scanners, selfies, or measuring tape 

- A white-label experience to fit your brand's DNA

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"With the implementation of the Bold Metrics Virtual Tailor, we are able to collect these same measurements from anyone, anywhere, anytime, and have full confidence that the product we make will fit."

Josh West,
CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Delta Jeans Co.

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