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Drive eCommerce Excellence with the Power of Body Data

Bold Metrics' AI digital twin technology enables your brand to personalize shopping experiences, increase conversion, and boost average order value while reducing fit-related returns.

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average increase in conversion rates


average increase in order value


average reduction in fit-related returns

Results based on Bold Metrics’ solution engagement

Boosted CVR & AOV

Accurate and detailed size recommendations give your shoppers confidence improving their experience and your bottom line.

  • Drive a 232% average increase in CVR for shoppers who engage Bold Metrics solutions vs. those who don't.
  • Enhanced sizing experiences encourage shoppers to add more items to their cart and accelerate purchases of high-value items, increasing AOV by 32%.
  • Inspire fit confidence ensuring your shoppers won't need to bracket and buy multiple sizes in the same style only to return those that don't fit. 
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Whether your goal is increasing customer conversion, boosting your average order valuerevenue per visitor, decreasing returns, improving sustainability initiatives, or all of the above, Bold Metri (1)-2

Enhanced Experience

Our body data platform harnesses AI digital twin technology in combination with your brand's garment data to provide detailed size recommendations to your shoppers.

  • Contextualized results show shoppers how a garment will fit their specific body measurements, so they can choose based on personal fit preferences.
  • Sizing isn't singular and preferences are unique. Your shopper's personality influences how they'll wear their clothes. Exceed their expectations by helping them find their preferred fit driven by their unique personal style.
  • Customize the experience to go beyond traditional sizing inputs to collect detailed shopper information such as body shape, style preferences, loyalty properties, marketing activities, and more.


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Data Driven Marketing

Go beyond size recommendations with intelligent analysis of customer body data, purchases, and returns behavior - helping you optimize marketing activities based on your shopper's body data and activities.

✔️ Data-driven insights from actual customer body data

✔️ Create unique digital twins for every shopper

✔️ Build your brand's customer digital twin library 

✔️ Personalized loyalty and promotional programs based on size information

✔️ Targeted campaigns through unique “find your fit” experiences  

✔️ Broaden customer research with aggregation of purchase and returns data 

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Our Clients Get Real Results

Bold Metrics Mizzen + Main

Product. Market. Fit.

Making sure that our fit is very consistent and that it's easy for him to figure out if he's a large trim or a classic medium, and the differences between the two — making sure that experience is really good on our website is critical for us.

- Bethany Muths, Chief Marketing and Customer Officer, Mizzen+Main


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