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Reduce Returns with the Power of Body Data

Bold Metrics' AI digital twin technology delivers highly accurate size recommendations that reduce fit-related returns, minimize bracketing, and create data-driven feedback loops to help your brand stop returns before they start.


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average reduction in fit-related returns

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Reduce Returns

The majority of apparel returns —  75% according to Shopify — are due to poor fit, which can be easily avoided with accurate and detailed size recommendations that give your shoppers sizing confidence.

  • Drive an 18% average reduction in fit-related returns for shoppers who engage Bold Metrics solutions and follow the recommended size vs. those who don't.
  • AI digital twin technology has been proven to consistently outperform standard size charts, camera-based technologies, and other question-based fit recommenders.
  • Seamless customer experiences result in increased shopper survey completion, resulting in more recommendations, fewer returns, and data-driven decisions.
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Whether your goal is increasing customer conversion, boosting your average order valuerevenue per visitor, decreasing returns, improving sustainability initiatives, or all of the above, Bold Metri (1)-2

Minimize Bracketing

Online apparel brands see high bracketing rates of 63% due to sizing uncertainty, as shoppers need help finding the right fit online. Inspire fit confidence amongst your shoppers with personalized sizing experiences.

  • Contextualized results show shoppers how a garment will fit their specific body measurements, so they can choose based on personal fit preferences.
  • Sizing isn't singular and preferences are unique. Empower your shoppers to find their best fit, based on their personal style, activities, and preferences.
  • Build your brand's customer digital twin library giving you an in-depth analysis of your real customer's body data, purchases, and returns behaviors to drive improved design and operations.


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Data Driven Feedback

Go beyond size recommendations with intelligent analysis of customer body data, purchases, and returns behavior - helping you stop returns before they start.

✔️ Data-driven insights from actual customer body data

✔️ Build your brand's customer digital twin library 

✔️ Reporting and analytics on real customer body data, purchase and returns behavior

✔️ Operational dashboards showcase geographical trends, inventory analysis, and fit-related return patterns

✔️ Broaden customer research with aggregation of purchase and returns data 

✔️ Reduce returns, optimize operational efficiency, and eliminate wasteful production to power sustainability at scale.

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Our Clients Get Real Results

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A Fitting Investment

If you don't nail fit, or at least tell them exactly what it's going to be and they can buy accordingly, then you're not going to retain customers. You're going to pay to acquire them, they're going to return the products, and they're never going to come back.

- Drew Cook, CFO and Head of Operations, Pact


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