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Evolution Favors Adaption

Go beyond size recommendations with digital twin technology.

Leverage generative AI to take personalization to the next level, enabling shoppers to find their preferred fit, reducing the need for returns, and building your customer digital twin library to optimize future designs.


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Unlock the Power of Body Data with AI Sizing Solutions

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The Cost of Not Using an AI Sizing Solution is Steep

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Poor conversion

Sizing uncertainty results in low conversion, especially for new customers. Shoppers also buy fewer items if they aren't confident that the clothing will fit. 

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High returns

The majority of apparel returns — a whopping 52% according to Shopify — are due to poor fit, which can be easily avoided with an accurate and easy-to-use sizing solution. 

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Lack of personalization

80% of consumers want personalization from retailers (McKinsey). There's no way to personalize fit, sizing, or marketing messaging without reliable data.

Outdated Solutions Don't Fit In Anymore

❌ Size charts: Can be confusing if shoppers don't know their size or don't have a measuring tape (and who does these days???). Don't take into account personal fit preferences or individual garments, so most people guess their size or bracket, leading to higher return rates and lower conversion.
❌ Brand comparisons: Compare an item’s size to another brand’s sizing (yes, they highlight competitors on your website), which assumes that customers are familiar with how that apparel fits. Lumps a brand in with one type of fit, therefore recommending the same size in every style. Some require profile creation, too, which has been shown to decrease conversion and increase cart abandonment.
❌ Mobile scanning apps: While apps are readily accessible given high mobile phone adoption rates, the technology often requires the user to change into tight-fitting, body-skimming clothing and is still unreliable, plus experts have data privacy concerns.

It's Time For a Bold New Approach

Bold Metrics sizing solutions leverage machine learning algorithms to build our digital twin library (we're at 80 million digital twins and growing!) to match your shoppers to their best fit based on their unique body measurements.

We help brands like yours generate and use consumer data to:

✔️ Boost conversion and AOV

✔️ Reduce returns

✔️ Enable data-led design

✔️ Optimize operations

✔️ Improve sustainability efforts

✔️ Personalize the retail experience

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How It Works

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Bold Metrics best-in-class AI and machine learning models power 3D body data capture at scale. Using advanced AI, we accurately determine critical points of measure to create unique digital twins of your actual shoppers. In combination with brand-specific garment data, we provide detailed size recommendations to shoppers that have tailor-level accuracy.

Apparel Insights™ takes that a step further to provide powerful insights across the business to drive data-informed decisions on everything from marketing and eCommerce to product and design.

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Conversion Increase

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Grow Average Order Value

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AOV Increase

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Reduce Returns



Return Reduction

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Unlock the Power of Body Data

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