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Unlock the Power of Body Data with AI Digital Twin Technology

Bold Metrics' generative AI creates highly accurate digital twins, helping industries maximize body data, going beyond generic application and health data, to power eCommerce fit and sizing to health & wellness, digital health, insurance, and beyond.

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80+ million

digital twins

4+ billion

body data points

240+ million

fit simulations

Real Body Data

Power user-driven data and enrich it through Bold Metrics' generative AI digital twin technology to align with your business goals, providing powerful insights across your organization.

  • Build your company's customer digital twin library giving you an in-depth analysis of your real user's body data.
  • Accurately and effortlessly capture a user's unique body shape from simple survey inputs.
  • Actionable insights enable operational efficiency and strategic decision-making based on real body data.
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Digital Twin Library

Harness our advanced AI sizing platform to create a unique digital twin for each user, mapping over 50 individual body measurements.

  • Detailed body shape analysis and insights based on your user's unique body data.
  • Utilize your digital twin library to make adjustments to business needs based on real customer body data.
  • Deeply understand your user's body data and how the information could be used to improve business goals.

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BMI, and Beyond

Go beyond generic application data by leveraging digital twin technology to verify and confirm inputs, unlock additional body insights, and empower your business to make more informed decisions.

✔️ Advanced AI determines over 50 unique body data measurements

✔️ 4 simple survey inputs create a digital twin in seconds 

✔️ Uncover predictive future health indicators with body measurement ratios (ie. waist to hip)

✔️ Gather insights on body shape and accurately validate weight, BMI, and beyond

✔️ Analyze size and fit coverage to identify key opportunities for inventory planning and size expansion

✔️ AI and ML approach enables predictive insights

✔️ Track user's body changes over time

✔️ Customizable API allows for endless use cases

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Unlock the Power of Body Data

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