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The Bold Metrics AI Body Data Platform

Learn how the Bold Metrics AI Body Data platform unlocks the power of your customer body data to drive data-led product decisions, operational efficiencies, and personalization of the consumer experience.

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No limits — go beyond tape measures, selfies, or scanners

Utilizing one of the largest data sets of human body scans in the world, paired with proprietary machine learning algorithms that have been tested and proven by thousands of high-fidelity body scans — Bold Metrics determines 50+ tailor-level accurate body measurements. Our AI technology approach eliminates the human error of self-measurement and the hassle of scanning or selfies.

80+ million

digital twins

4+ billion

body data points

240+ million

fit simulations

How It Works

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Bold Metrics best-in-class AI and machine learning models power 3D body data capture at scale. Using advanced AI, we accurately determine critical points of measure to create unique digital twins of your actual shoppers. In combination with brand-specific garment data, we provide detailed size recommendations to shoppers that have tailor-level accuracy.

Apparel Insights™ takes that a step further to provide powerful insights across the business to drive data-informed decisions on everything from marketing and eCommerce to product and design.

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Endless Capabilities

Leverage Bold Metrics' AI-powered body data platform for a myriad of capabilities from eCommerce fit and sizing to health & wellness, digital health, insurance, and beyond.

With access to 80+ million digital twins, our platform of sophisticated body data provides unmatched accuracy and body data intelligence to fit any need.

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