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Enhance Merchandise Planning with the Power of Body Data

Bold Metrics' body data platform delivers AI digital twin technology — enabling your brand to personalize assortments across channels and regions while analyzing fit, purchase, and returns trends to make strategic decisions driven by real shopper body data.

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Prepared Planning

Pair customer body data with purchases and returns behavior to systematically approach assortment planning by understanding the role actual shopper body data can have on price, product, promotion, place, people, and beyond.

  • Geographic trends show regional purchases, returns, and sizing trends to optimize your assortment across locales.
  • Engagement and purchase behaviors give you a deep understanding of shopper fit preference and how it affects conversion and buying patterns.
  • Size comparison and market capture data surfaces sizing opportunities to better serve shoppers.
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Enhanced Analysis

Uncover body data insights at the product category and style level to take your product planning to the next level. 

  • Reporting and analytics on real customer body data and purchase and returns behavior.
  • Detailed body shape, size, and fit coverage analysis enabled by digital twin technology.
  • Combine real customer body data with your enterprise data to get a full picture of your product's impact and performance.


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Strategic Decisions

Go beyond size recommendations with intelligent analysis of customer body data, purchases, and returns behavior - helping you optimize merchandising based on your shopper's body data and activities.

✔️ Data-driven insights from actual customer body data

✔️ Create unique digital twins for every shopper

✔️ Build your brand's customer digital twin library 

✔️ Market Informed Business Insights

✔️ Identify and Prioritize Opportunities

✔️ Validate Your Decisions

✔️ Customer-Centric Merchandising

✔️ Broaden customer research with aggregation of purchase and returns data 

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Our Clients Get Real Results

Bold Metrics Mizzen + Main

Product. Market. Fit.

Making sure that our fit is very consistent and that it's easy for him to figure out if he's a large trim or a classic medium, and the differences between the two — making sure that experience is really good on our website is critical for us.

- Bethany Muths, Chief Marketing and Customer Officer, Mizzen+Main


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