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  • Specialty

    GoBolt is a technology company building the world's largest sustainable supply chain network. GoBolt provides reliable warehousing, pick and pack, shipping, and last-mile delivery solutions powered by its proprietary and innovative technology. GoBolt is proud to offer carbon-neutral deliveries by prioritizing delivery in an electric vehicle and sequestering equivalent carbon emissions when that is not possible.

  • Partnership Overview

    The GoBolt and Bold Metrics partnership represents a unique opportunity for apparel brands to optimize logistics and enhance customer satisfaction through AI-driven solutions while improving their sustainability efforts. By combining Bold Metrics' advanced body data insights with GoBolt's efficient logistics and fulfillment capabilities, brands can create seamless experiences that delight customers, reduce returns, and drive long-term success. This collaboration offers apparel brands a powerful toolset to improve fit accuracy, streamline operations, and elevate overall customer satisfaction.

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