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  • Specialty

    parcelLab is the only truly global enterprise post-purchase software provider, enabling brands to increase top-line revenue, decrease operational cost, and optimize customer experience in an unprecedented way. parcelLab's award-winning post-purchase platform empowers brands to transform mundane operational touchpoints into the most differentiated and personalized experience, creating unique moments of pure joy for their customers. Trusted by over 800 brands including IKEA, Chico’s, H&M, and Yeti, parcelLab actively manages the post-purchase experience across 175 countries and tracks shipping data from more than 350 carriers worldwide.

  • Partnership Overview

    The Bold Metrics and parcelLab partnership represents a unique opportunity for apparel brands and retailers to elevate their post-purchase experience and drive customer loyalty. By leveraging AI-driven body data insights and best-in-class post-purchase communication and tracking, brands can create exceptional experiences that delight customers, drive long-term success, and deliver seamless end-to-end solutions to enhance post-purchase journeys.

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