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bold metrics particl partnership

  • Specialty

    Particl is a completely new market research tool designed for product development and merchandising teams in need of real-time, comprehensive, eCommerce data. By collecting primary data from 70K+ e-commerce companies, Particl not only provides high-level insights on market trends; but also specific data on product sales volume down to the very SKU. Particl empowers your brand to make immediate data-driven decisions, grow revenue and minimize losses.

  • Partnership Overview

    Bold Metrics and Particl dive deep into data-charged insights for clients. The dynamic partnership is an instant value-add for brands who want to see a boost in conversions, meaningful fit-related return reduction, and an elevated online customer experience paired with real-time market research, pricing optimization, and forecasting data to supercharge eCommerce at scale.



How to supercharge your eCommerce with AI

Bold Metrics and Particl present a webinar on reimagining retail with AI to increase conversion, reduce returns and inform a more consumer-centric experience with data-driven eCommerce insights.