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Ryder E-commerce

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  • Specialty

    Ryder is one of the nation’s leading omnichannel fulfillment partners. It provides a full suite of fulfillment services, including warehousing, value- added services, pick and pack, and multi-channel distribution. Ryder's e-commerce services, powered by their proprietary Whiplash technology platform, provide shopping cart integration capabilities, warehouse management system (WMS) capabilities, and order management system (OMS) capabilities, featuring customer-specific packing rules and intelligent parcel carrier selection.

  • Partnership Overview

    The partnership between Bold Metrics and Ryder powers seamless eCommerce experiences for apparel brands and their shoppers, with a focus on reducing returns and increasing personalization. Through Bold Metrics' advanced AI sizing recommendations to Ryder’s shopping cart integration capabilities, warehouse management, and order management systems, the partnership effectively reduces returns, improves operations, and ensures shopper and brand confidence through accurate sizing and smooth end-to-end order fulfillment.