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  • Specialty

    Spectrum is the world's first end-to-end solution for product customization that covers all the bases for its clients. From 3D product visualization, interface planning and design through factory integration, Spectrum offers the most comprehensive integrated solution for brands looking to up the ante when it comes to customized products.

    An omnichannel experience and data-rich analytics dashboard enhance the possibilities, allowing its clients to go further in pursuit of customer fanaticism and creating category distinction.

  • Partnership Overview

    Bold Metrics has partnered with Spectrum - the world's first end-to-end product customization platform to expand the possibilities of product personalization. Imagine creating unique pieces based on individual customer preferences and then further enhancing the customer experience by making the product fit according to their unique body measurements.

    Bold Metrics' world-class A.I-powered fit solutions and in-depth body data analysis, combined with Spectrum's powerfully comprehensive platform, creates a definitive tool for brands looking to own product categories while delivering an incredible shopper experience.