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Bold Metrics Volumental Partnership

  • Specialty

    Volumental produces shoe recommendations for millions of shoppers by leveraging a combination of 3D foot scans, retail purchase data, and AI. Volumnetal leverages a FitTech platform that is a fully integrated suite of 3D scanning and data tools to optimize fit. They bring together everything needed to take the guesswork out of sizing for shoppers. Their products power retail scanning, mobile scanning, personalized recommendations, and digital marketing tools.

  • Partnership Overview

    Bold Metrics and Volumental go beyond sizing recommendations with advanced algorithms that make highly accurate determinations for individual customers at scale. Using cutting-edge technologies, such as AI and purchase data Bold Metrics and Volumental take personalization to the next level and reduces the need for returns.

    Bold Metrics' and Volumental's platforms of solutions take the guesswork out of sizing for shoppers.

volumental logo on a white background.

Hear how Bold Metrics and Volumental are revolutionizing sizing with AI.


Interview with Brent Hollowell of Volumental

Bold Brands Podcast: Episode 28

BOLD Brands speaks with Brent Hollowell, Volumental’s Chief Marketing Officer, to find out how AI is already disrupting the footwear industry for the better and how to communicate this tech innovation to customers in a way that is human and relatable. A must-listen for anyone in footwear.


Big Data

Fit of Things Podcast: Episode 5 

Tune in to hear from Jeff Mergy, the incisive lead in defining and strategically launching innovative products at Bold Metrics on how big data and AI are leveraged in apparel personalization, taking measurements from neck to ankle - and serving a diverse set of clients for suites, firefighter suits, fishing waders, fashion dresses, activewear, outdoor jackets, and much more.