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Data-driven Insights For Your Entire Organization

Build your customer digital twin library to optimize technical design, analyze size charts and grading processes, and leverage customer body data insights for strategic decision-making from marketing and eCommerce to product and design.

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80+ million

digital twins

4+ billion

body data points

240+ million

fit simulations

Driven by Data

Built on our foundation of digital twin technology, Apparel Insights unlocks the power of generative AI to:

  • Build your brand's customer digital twin library giving you an in-depth analysis of your real customer's body data
  • Quickly and easily validate proposed grading and size chart changes based your real customer body data
  • Pair customer body data with purchases and returns behavior to drive improved design and distribution


apparel insights dashboards
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Why It Works

Apparel Insights builds on customer-driven data and enriches it through generative AI leveraging digital twin technology with product specifications to provide powerful insights across your organization.

  • Reporting and analytics on real customer body data and purchase and returns behavior
  • Detailed body shape, size, and fit coverage analysis enabled by digital twin technology
  • Operational dashboards showcase geographical trends, inventory analysis, and fit-related return patterns


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Exceed Expectations

Unlock your real customer body data to enhance the customer fit experience, improve technical design, and optimize operations across your organization.

✔️ Data-driven insights from actual customer body data

✔️ Create unique digital twins for every shopper

✔️ Build your brand's customer digital twin library 

✔️ Connect your product creation, operations, and go-to-market teams

✔️ Reduce returns

✔️ Improve sustainability

✔️ Design based on real customer body data

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Our Clients Get Real Results

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Reimagining the Sizing Process

We desperately wanted data to validate proposed grading and size chart changes. We were unable to work with competitors due to the high cost of acquiring their data. Instead, with the data from Bold Metrics, we were able to reference data from our actual customers on our site to validate our work before going live. CLUTCH!

- Senior Technical Designer

Unlock the Power of Body Data

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